Quality development

The company of faith for the healthy and happy life

R&D (Research & Development)

The company of faith for the healthy and happy life Insung Bio R&D Research Center aims for 1C 2S.

Products must be customer-oriented. The product must be imbued with philosophy and craftsmanship (Spirits). The product must be science.

Based on the needs of customers, Insung Pharmaceutical's products are being researched and developed with excellent research institutes at home and abroad, including Korea University, and the industry-academia cooperation system. In addition, the R&D products are manufactured with the best products by selecting only high-quality raw materials in the GMP and FSSC 22000 quality management system facilities by applying commercialization technology.

The main tasks

These are the main tasks of the Bio R&D Research Center.

  • Research and development industry-academic system for functional biomaterials, health functional foods and cosmetic materials
  • In vivo, in vitro, mouse test and the test planning and verification system for functional biomaterials and products
  • Evaluation and commercialization of functional biomaterials
Soft Capsule Lab. Health functional food, general food, cosmetic soft capsule formulation research and development
Solid Form Lab. Tablet, hard capsule, powder, granule formulation research and development
Liquid Form Lab. Research and development of liquid, jelly, and gummy formulations
Cosmetic Lab. Basic cosmetic, functional cosmetic formulation research and development
Functional Material Lab. Research and development of mechanism-based experiments of functional raw materials

Research activities

This is the research activity of the Bio R&D Research Center.

Conference thesis (recent 5 years)

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