Company introduction

The company of faith for the healthy and happy life

CEO Greetings

The company of faith for the healthy and happy life Thank you for your interest in Insung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We will become the company that takes the lead in the new human health society.

Thank you for your deep interest in Insung Pharmaceutical.

Since its establishment in 2001, Insung Pharmaceutical has been working hard with the spirit of creating value for customer satisfaction.

Insung Pharmaceutical's executives and employees develop and manufacture health functional foods that put the health of consumers first with R&D and scientific productization technology accumulated over a long period of time in the pharmaceutical and food specialty fields.

Based on scientific data, we have the latest automated facilities, systematic R&D, and advanced health functional food manufacturing technology and know-how, and all our employees are working hard to satisfy even the smallest demands of our customers.

Insung Pharmaceutical will become the leading global health functional food company moving beyond the domestic market to the global market in order to realize the vision of bio-life science in the 21st century that pursues health and happiness.

We wish everyone who visits our website good health and well-being.

thank you.

Insung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Dong-nam